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Wellcraft New Boat Models

Intelligent Engineering, Quality Manufacturing

Wellcraft brand has been building boats for more than 60 years. During that time, we’ve developed a reputation for doing the little things right. For our owners, that translates into many years of hassle-free boating, and when the time comes to trade up your Wellcraft, higher resale values.

Legendary Wellcraft Hull

The legendary hull running surface is still the best thing running. So simple… so effective… Wellcraft continues to have some of the smoothest running, best handling boats in the world.  Nowhere is the hull advantage more evident than during a hard-cranking turn. The running surface clings to the water like it’s on rails. Stays flat… for a more car-like feel. So you can turn the corner with confidence and leave all the look-alike hulls in your wake.

Performance At Its Best

Wellcraft offers you a selection of the best engines from leading manufacturers. Reliable performance that gets you where you want to go.

Saltwater Fishing

2017 Wellcraft 242 Scarab Offshore
2017 Wellcraft 222 Scarab Offshore

Center Consoles

2017 Wellcraft 262 Scarab Offshore
2017 Wellcraft 262 Fisherman
2017 Wellcraft 241 Tournament
2017 Wellcraft 242 Fisherman
2017 Wellcraft 241 Fisherman
2017 Wellcraft 221 Tournament
2017 Wellcraft 221 Fisherman
2017 Wellcraft 222 Fisherman
2017 Wellcraft 180 Fisherman


2017 Wellcraft 290 Coastal
2017 Wellcraft 252 Coastal
2017 Wellcraft 232 Coastal
2017 Wellcraft 220 Coastal

Sports Fishing Boats

2017 Wellcraft 35 Scarab Offshore Tournament

Dual Console

2017 Wellcraft 220 Sportsman
2017 Wellcraft 180 Sportsman